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Why I Prefer Online PC Games Compared to Games Consoles

Recently one of my friends asked me why I have not upgraded my Xbox or PlayStation 3. In fact, after he asked me, the first thing I decided to do was to put them both on Ebay. I used to hold on to my old games consoles, but that is something I just don’t do anymore because the newer consoles no longer hold any sentimental value to me (who knows – maybe in the future they will). For now, I am a through and through online gamers using my PC as my weapon to play – but I ask myself why have I gone this direction?

I think I just like the convenience of using my PC to paly games. I also have an Alienware laptop, so when it comes to travelling and playing games, I am not restricted to just my PC. Now the cots of all this may sound pretty high because my laptop was $1,000 and my PC rig has so far cost me $1,500. That is $2,500 on purely gaming equipment.

However, my laptop you can discount because I need my laptop for work. Arguably, I could also use my laptop at home instead of the gaming PC. This is where my costs come in. So now you are probably wondering why I am talking about the cost of my gaming equipment.

One of the big reasons I can fork out so much cash on my gaming rig is because the game I play are either free like League of Legends or they cost me next to nothing as I bought them from a gaming provider like Steam gaming.

Also, the games I like to play the most and use to play on consoles are all available on PC. Street Fighter, SIM City, Warhammer, and Grand Theft Auto. Therefore, the only argument I could have for having a games console is to play games that are exclusive to PlayStation or Xbox.

Now saying this, I do always by the new Nintendo just because it is interactive and is great for friends  and family entertainment.

However, the main point here is that Nintendo and PlayStation are so limited in what they can do compare to my PC that the only reason I could think for owning an xBox or PlayStation is because I can carry them around with me or take them holiday. But, my laptop does that, and because if I do go away, I have to work on my laptop, it would just add to my luggage.

I know I may be swinging from one example to another here, but the facts are there. Consoles just don’t have the convenience of laptops or desktops. I can upgrade my PC anytime for as little as $500 by selling something like my old processor or graphics card and buying new ones – whereas console I have to spend a fortune on upgrading – although I can arguably always sell the old console.

Probably though the biggest selling point for me to become a PC player is that the game once downloaded are there forever. Also, they are a hell of lot cheaper compared to console games. With the amount of cash, I save on games and being able to keep my old games, I am able to continuously upgrade my PC to a better spec.

As for my laptop, it will need upgrading, but only after about 4 years. This is something I would have to to do regardless because my laptop is an integral part of my work life. Without it, I would not be as productive in my work.

Last but not least is the fact that I also play a lot of Multi-player battle arena games such Dota 2, Combat Arms, and Overwatch. These are my most played games to be honest and they are free to a certain extent. The great thing about these games is that they never grow tiresome. Dota 2 I have played for about 2 years and I have currently clocked up over 3,500 hours playing a game that is free.

In the end, why would I need anything more than the PC and laptop I have? I have the games I want to play, I am always building on that list with games that last forever, and I save so much money by not having to always purchase new games for my console that I get to constantly upgrade my PC to a higher spec for about $300 a year. Plus, with all the cash I save, I can easily afford to buy a top of the range gaming laptop that will last me for years for both gaming and work.