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Which Card Games Require Strategy?

There are so many card games available to play and some of them are just pure fun. At the same time there are other card games that are taken very seriously by the players that partake. Then you have the card games that come right in the middle – these are more for competitive play. Most of the time is down to the player that is playing the game rather than the actual game itself; however, there are those card games that bring out the more serious side of people, and so strategy becomes vital.


Well we all know snap does not really have much of a strategy to it. The only strategies you need is to be quicker than your opponent and if you can, be very good at distracting your opponents from the task in hand. That is about all there is to it.


There is strategy to solitaire that most people tend to grow accustom to the more they play. For the most part this game is played just to pass time. It is not serious and just a bit of fun because most people love to play cards. Solitaire became really popular when the Microsoft operating system became the choice of OS for home and work computers. The game was part of the free Windows games package.


For this game, there is a wide range of people that love to play rummy. The idea is to get running cards or matching cards with a higher score before your opponent does. Some people play purely for fun. However, there are the more competitive players out there that like to put a wager in this game when playing family or friends. It can be a serious game if you are someone that is passionate about being number 1 all the time.


Baccarat has become quite a serious game over time. It can be played for fun, but more than anything it requires players to make a bet. If you want to play for fun, you can opt to play a less serious version of the game, which is popular in Thailand. The game is Pok Deng. The way the cards are counted to get the final score in Pok Deng is similar to that of Baccarat. In Thailand you can play Baccarat for real money here: บาคาร่า.

As Baccarat, Baccara, and Punto Banco are played for real money, the game can be taken very seriously, and therefore there are many strategies out there for this game. Some people tend to favour the Martingale Strategy as this matches the way Baccarat takes bets.


Arguably this game is one of the most serious of all card games. That is with the exception of Poker, which comes as a close equal to Blackjack when comes down to how well studied approaches to these two games are. Blackjack can be a little more fun if you play another variation of the game known as pontoon. It is similar because the concept of the game is to make sure that you do not surpass 21, but you need to win by getting the highest hand closest to 21. There are quite a few strategies that have been studied and written for Pontoon.

By far the most serious is Blackjack when you compare it to pontoon. The game of Blackjack has been mathematically ripped apart, tested, and complete books written on the subject of Blackjack. There are also pro Blackjack players still out there today both online and offline.

One of the most common strategies for Blackjack is known as the ‘Basic Strategy’ a.k.a. ‘Optimal strategy’. Strategies include charts that tell you exactly how you should act according to your hand or the dealer’s hand at the Blackjack table. This includes hit, split, stand, and double down. It is a mathematical sequence that has been proven to reduce the house edge to around 0.05% at the Blackjack table.

Poker – All Forms

Another game that goes as deep into strategy as Blackjack is poker. There is a possibility that poker actually has more strategy than Blackjack. This is because Blackjack’s ‘basic strategy’ boils down to memorising a chart of actions to make sure you act accordingly to reduce the house edge. On the other hand, in poker there is more to the game depending on how you play.

There are the casino table game versions of poker where the player plays versus the dealer. Then there are the many poker rooms online and offline where players play versus other players. The latter is where poker strategy begins to go into depth.

Firstly, you have the dealer button, which dictates which hands you should play depending on when it is your turn to act according to when it is your turn (before or after other players). You also have to take into account how many people you are playing against. Furthermore, there are tells on how your opponent plays certain hands, how they bet in certain situations, and when they will fold or make a bluff.

Not only this, there are physical tells that people show on their face, through body language, as well as by the way they talk. Next you have the style of poker. This could be Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, Draw, or Dealer’s Choice, which the latter is when the dealer chooses the style of game to play.

All these aspects of the game of poker have different strategies, and whole books have been dedicated to them.

Which card game is best for me?

Honestly cards are great brain training tools. You should learn to play as many different card games as you can and learn the strategy behind them. This is great for memory, and brilliant at keeping your brain sharp and focused. Once you have played all the games and figured out a strategy for each one, then you will know which game suits your personality and style of play the best.