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Steam Gaming Review

Steam Gaming has been providing an online gaming platform and shopping area for online gamers to play games on desktop and mobile devices. It is by far one of the most popular gaming engines online today and there is no doubt that the company is one of the first stops for many of the online gaming developers to get their games listed for sale in the Steam gaming store.

The gaming engine is now home to 1,000s of game releases including games from new developers that have tried or successfully released fresh games designed by those looking to break into the online gaming market. Almost anyone can release a game either for free or for cash in the Steam Store as long Steam approve it.

What are some popular games available on Steam?

Sim City is a very well-known game released way before the internet was even known as a possibility by the public. Even the hit movie Back to the Future II has no mention of the internet and the film was set in 2015 when there were supposed to be flying cars. Obviously, we are past that time now and no sign of auto fitting clothes or highways for flying cars.

Well in the newer versions of Sim City futuristic buildings are possible and you can play the game far into the future building mega cities and even connecting cities by building not just one city but multiple cities.

Another popular game of old is Street Fighter. It is still going strong and a very popular game. With new characters now added to the game and some taken out, it is very different its original releases. You can buy items and clothing for the Street Fighter stars using the Steam Store and even have a shot at becoming a pro Street Fighter Player.

Then there is Dota II. A multi-player online battle arena (MOBA) game that has taken the world by storm. The game is a global sensation and unlike Street Fighter and Sim City, you can download it from Steam for free. That isn’t to say you won’t spend any money on the game because there are battle passes, items, and extra game features that you can buy.

Steam Mobile Gaming

One of the nice things about Steam is that it has been designed to be available on desktop and mobiles. iOS and Android downloads as well as Windows and Blackberry players can all log on and download games from Steam.

Steam Community

Looking for an online gaming community? Steam members can add other members as friends. Make friends from all over the world and you can join one of tens of thousands of Steam forums to discuss battle plans and gaming tactics. On some games you can even gift other Steam members with items for the game, character clothing and more.

Our overall verdict of Steam is very positive. The company has gone to great lengths to bring together a huge community of gamers that all share interests in similar game styles. You can even use the Steam service as a messenger service using its mobile and desktop chat app. Really, we have only just touched the tip of the iceberg here.

We high recommend downloading the Stream app and giving it a whirl for yourself.