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Steam Gaming Review

Steam Gaming has been providing an online gaming platform and shopping area for online gamers to play games on desktop and mobile devices. It is by far one of the most popular gaming engines online today and there is no doubt that the company is one of the first stops for many of the online gaming developers to get their games listed for sale in the Steam gaming store.

The gaming engine is now home to 1,000s of game releases including games from new developers that have tried or successfully released fresh games designed by those looking to break into the online gaming market. Almost anyone can release a game either for free or for cash in the Steam Store as long Steam approve it.

What are some popular games available on Steam?

Sim City is a very well-known game released way before the internet was even known as a possibility by the public. Even the hit movie Back to the Future II has no mention of the internet and the film was set in 2015 when there were supposed to be flying cars. Obviously, we are past that time now and no sign of auto fitting clothes or highways for flying cars.

Well in the newer versions of Sim City futuristic buildings are possible and you can play the game far into the future building mega cities and even connecting cities by building not just one city but multiple cities.

Another popular game of old is Street Fighter. It is still going strong and a very popular game. With new characters now added to the game and some taken out, it is very different its original releases. You can buy items and clothing for the Street Fighter stars using the Steam Store and even have a shot at becoming a pro Street Fighter Player.

Then there is Dota II. A multi-player online battle arena (MOBA) game that has taken the world by storm. The game is a global sensation and unlike Street Fighter and Sim City, you can download it from Steam for free. That isn’t to say you won’t spend any money on the game because there are battle passes, items, and extra game features that you can buy.

Steam Mobile Gaming

One of the nice things about Steam is that it has been designed to be available on desktop and mobiles. iOS and Android downloads as well as Windows and Blackberry players can all log on and download games from Steam.

Steam Community

Looking for an online gaming community? Steam members can add other members as friends. Make friends from all over the world and you can join one of tens of thousands of Steam forums to discuss battle plans and gaming tactics. On some games you can even gift other Steam members with items for the game, character clothing and more.

Our overall verdict of Steam is very positive. The company has gone to great lengths to bring together a huge community of gamers that all share interests in similar game styles. You can even use the Steam service as a messenger service using its mobile and desktop chat app. Really, we have only just touched the tip of the iceberg here.

We high recommend downloading the Stream app and giving it a whirl for yourself.

Companies Using Games for Promotions to All Demographics

Something that I have noticed a lot recently is the number of companies using games to promote their business. They are usually temporary releases, simple, but engaging.
There is no doubt that online and mobile gaming is the second largest industry on the world when it comes to consistent interactivity with people. I say the second largest because there is no denying that Social Media is number one.

There are so many Social networks out there like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Periscope, Snapchat – even WhatsApp and LINE. They have all made it very easy for gaming companies and businesses that want to release a promo game to all age groups.

Yes, all age groups. Most people think ‘games’ = for young people that have nothing better to do with their time. That probably used to be the case before the internet came around in the 1990s. Kids used play games consoles, Amiga, Amstrad, Sega Mega drive, Nintendo, Gamboy and so forth.

Next the internet came. At first it didn’t spark a huge online game frenzy, but you could see it coming. The gaming industry, which was already immense before the internet, probably didn’t even realise how much the internet would change the way they operate.
PCs became more advanced, internet connections faster, and then came mobile technology! In the midst of all this was the release of Facebook – the instigator to the boom of Social networking.
Combining all these factors, the gaming companies were poised to jump on the chance to use a new way to reach a worldwide audience. Not only that, they would not be as restricted as they were in the past when it came to demographics.

With the convenience of the World Wide Web in our hands via smartphones, on our home PCs and on touchpads, it meant that everyone would soon adapt to technology no matter how much they resisted.
The inevitable result was, and still is, everyone from toddlers to pensioners would have access to the Web, and with that the gaming companies could expand their horizons and create games that would target all age groups – not just youngsters.

Promoting Games to the Older generation
Even older people that resisted Facebook can now be found on the world’s largest Social network.
In the end, our parents and even grandparents have decided that the best way to stay in touch with their loved ones is to just give in and join Facebook. And Facebook is just one platform that online games are being promoted on.
Arguably YouTube is another Social sharing platform that mum and dad will use. This is just another place for game companies to advertise their offering.
With older people now using Smarphones and Facebook, when an advertisement for Scrabble, Monopoly, Bingo and such like appear, they just cannot resist. This is where the trend of the older generation started to play game online be it on their PC, tablet, or mobile device.
As they become more tech savvy, the big companies out there cottoned onto this fact. It meant they could create games that would promote their business to the older generation using games as their engaging content.

Maybe a question and answer quiz, a bingo quiz or something that would engage them. At the end of it, there would be a 10% coupon at the store. Marks and Spencer have long been a favourite of the older generation. Imagine if they created a Social Media game for older people. If the game is completed at a certain level, then the discount voucher gets larger.

Promoting Games to Specific Niche Markets
The best example of this is the Astros game that was released by Cadbury’s a few years ago. As the chocolate Is related to space, the competition meant that the lucky winners would win a trip to the NASA command centre.
Space fanatics jumped on the game vying for the highest score. There was also a time limit set to get that high score. Players had to keep on playing to improve their skills at what was really a simple game. However, the better they became, the higher their score.
For those that had the highest score at the end of the competition won the privilege of an all-expenses paid trip to see NASA in action.
It was not just the idea of the game – it was the fact it was associated with chocolate and space. Plus, space research is where most of today’s technology derives from. It was the perfect promotion.

Promoting to the Young
Honestly, there is not much to tell. We all know that young people love games. It is easy for a company to capture the attention of the young because even without advertising playing games is contagious for the youth of today. Word of mouth and the fact that they all want to play games anyway makes it easy.
That is why companies like KFC and Krispy Kreme released gams to increase brand awareness of their food products. They know that they can influence young people to visit one of their many stored simply by offering a game with an incentive.
Check this out for more information to see how 4 businesses used digital games to reach their target audiences. Digital Market
I hope you enjoyed the read and took something from this. If you are a business owner or a marketer, then consider using games and place them on your Social Media to build brand awareness. Also, ensure there is an incentive at the end. Plus, don’t worry too much about cost because today to get a simple custom game made is not as an expensive task as you may think.
Take Google for example. Check out how simple things can be as they release their snakes game! Imagine offering the top 10 winners with the highest score each week a prize!

Upcoming Mobile Games Still to Come in 2017

Mobile gaming has come a very long way in recent years and things are only going to get better as technology advances. Not in the two distant past we had to accept that puzzle games like Candy Crush were our only options on our handheld devices due to limitations in technology. Nowadays, however, we can play awesome games such as strategy racing and shooter games that all have excellent graphics and provide some serious gaming satisfaction. The best part is that most of them are completely free to download and play!  

2017 has already been a busy year with the release of many mobile games but the best is still yet to come with so very big names about to hit the market. You’ll be amazed when you see some of the names coming our way – as you’re almost certain to have played or seen some of these franchises before.  

Could 2017 be one of the best ever years for mobile game releases? Well, take a little look through some of the games that are still to come this year and let us know what you think: 

Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion 

Those of you that are fans of console gaming are going to know all about the success that the Assassin’s Creed franchise has had over the years. While there was no new release in 2016, they have been targeting a double barreled attack in 2017 with the release of their latest console game alongside getting in on the mobile gaming market as well. 

Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion is available for both Android and iOS users right now but its still in testing stages and has not been officially released. However, players can still download it from the stores and play it whiles it’s being developed. Requiring a good mix of strategy and logical thinking, Rebellion will have you increasing your ranks of assassins as you embark on some risky missions.  

The Sims 

There seems to be a lot of old computer games that are now making the switch over to the mobile industry. We’ve had the likes of GTA already make the move but now EA are working on bringing a full port of the ever-so-loved game called The Sims. Many of you will remember the hours of fun this game provided as you essentially spent time living the life of a graphic, instead of living your own real life.  

Get jobs, get married, have kids and basically just take your character through all of the obstacles in life and hopefully allow them to retire a happy person who has fulfilled most of their dreams.  

With tons of customizable options, plenty of content and a selection of unlockable stuff for you to work on, The Sims is almost certain to become as populas as it was when it was released on the PC decades ago. The release date has not been confirmed but it has been said that we should expect to see it by the end of the year. 

Terra Battle 2 

Another big title coming to all mobile platforms later this year is Terra Battle 2, the eagerly awaited sequel to the hugely popular original. At this moment in time, there is not a lot known about it other than what the developer has said publicly. He claims that the story will be very similar but the gameplay will be completely different to what the original had.  

Players will battle alongside their companions, form strategies and formations and generally work together to defeat their enemies. The best news is that the game will be free to play but will also give a few bonuses to players that make any in-game purchases.   


Hardcore gamers will remember the legendary Runescape and the huge popularity that it has received from players since its original conception back in 2001. 16 years later, and Jagex, who are the software developers behind the game, are now bringing it to users of the Android and iOS platforms. 

If you’re thinking that it’s going to be a special mobile-edition that is just based on the game but in a different format, you’re wrong. What they are actually doing is bringing the whole game back just as it was when released and porting it over to the different operating systems. Both Old School Runescape and Runescape will be released late-2017 and early 2018 respectively and are tipped to become hugely successful mobile games. 

Legend of Zelda 

If you thought that Runescape was going to be most anticipated game on this list, you came very close but Legend of Zelda is just about going to edge it out in that regard. Nintendo are in the process of working on the title which is set to be released either later this year or early in 2018 at the latest. 

Set to be released on both Android and iOS, the developers are not saying much about the game at the moment, which is really helping to build the mystery and anticipation around such a legendary franchise release.  


As you can see, there are some cracking titles there to look forward to, some will have even given you flashbacks to your past when you already got your fair share of entertainment out of the franchises. 2017 is shaping up to be a very good year for us mobile gamers and while that’s great news; it makes us start to wonder about what might be in store come 2018! 

We’re sure there will be some big surprises and more big names to come and we’ll be on hand to be the ones to let you know about them all.  Let us know in the comments if you know of any other big titles coming our way or whether you’re looking forward to the above titles. 

Gaming Used in Cadbury’s Marketing!

If you plan to capture the attention of a huge and ever growing target market, then online gaming should be seriously researched. That is exactly what Cadbury’s in their ‘Astros Space Race’ competition.

There is no doubt that online gaming is one of the internet’s most popular past times. With an array of virtual games accessible from your phone, tablet, or Android, it is inevitable marketers will try their best to reach you through those apps on your phone.

One of the best marketing campaigns we have ever seen that involved mobile gaming was the Astros Space competition.

It was based on a game that was themed and marketed as a Space Race app. This was no ordinary Space Race because the stakes were high for space lovers.

After purchasing a specially marked Astros chocolate bar players could find the path to retrieving the mobile game‘s download path and credentials via a WAP capable cell phone.

Once they were ready to go players learned the game and bid for the highest score they could get. The winner would be the player that managed to get the highest score out of all players before the end of promotion date kicked in.

Over 1 month of multiple downloads and game play a winner with the highest score was born.

The Astros Space Race Prize

The prize was a trip to the USA that included a trip to Disney World’s Epcot Center, plus a visit to the Kennedy Space Center and a star prize being tickets to see a real-life rocket launch.

A Lesson to be Learned From Laser Targeted Promotions

In today’s day and age, the new up and coming generation are the most inquisitive and technological individuals.

This is the reasoning behind Cadbury’s idea to launch a space adventure based game that went hand in hand with the space theme of their product.

Astros was the result; a fresh game designed and launched especially for this competitive space race promotion. The idea of the competition was that all consumers needed to do was to purchase the Astros packs that came with the Astros competition mark.

Interacting with Your Target Audience

It was Promise brand Specialists that were the geniuses behind one of Cadbury’s most memorable promotions.

They came up with an inventive way to interact in the most entertaining way possible. It was an experiment for Cadburys and one that would make history as it was one of the very first inactive promotions of its time.

What an ingenious way to get your audience always thinking about your brand. Those that partook in the coopetition were on the game as much as possible in the hope they could master the quickest route to the highest score.

You can imagine how dedicated they would have been – and we are talking about tens of thousands of individuals.

That kind of marketing adds huge brand value
All those that interacted with the game will have an everlasting attachment with brand. This is something that a lot brands don’t have. And we particularly love this concept purely because it uses an online game.

Starwars Battlefront – Cheats Ruin The Game

Are you wondering whether you can cheat when playing star wars battlefront? Well, just like other online shooters, there are numerous programs that make it possible to aim and shoot.

These programs are called Aimbots. This software allows players to see through obstacles/ walls called ESP/ Wallhack as well as other tools that make this game easier. You do not need to worry when using star wars battlefront cheats because cheating is legal! This is not exactly a good thing if you are looking for a challenge. However, let’s have a look at the cheats just for those that are interested.

Hacks and Aimbots

Hacks and Aimbots for this game cost around $10-$20 per month because the programmer has to update and keep them running. Although you can enjoy the game with free cheats, they come with a number of risks.

General cheating methods for star wars battlefront players

Just like Hollywood celebrities and plastic surgery, cheating and video games are inseparable. The most commonly cheats used in star wars battlefront include:

  • The use of Aimbots for aiming and shooting to get more points, improve your rank and then unlock gear
  • Using wall hacks to find and then kill your enemies
  • Applying farming servers to collaborate with up to 40 players to get more scores, rank up and then go ahead to unlock the weapons
  • Although they are rarely found, you can use exploits to get god modes, unlimited EXP as well as unlimited ammo among others

Aimbot and Wall Hacks

Both Aimbots and wall hacks work in similar ways. Both of them scan the map of the game on your device for any enemy before highlighting them so that you can see them easily. This makes it simple to target and kill them.

When applying Aimbots, you have to be very keen and not do the obvious. Do not apply the Aimbot right from its box but instead configure it to a lower aim speed and shooting delay so that it becomes more organic.

When and how can you use star wars battlefront cheats? 

Some players use cheats to dominate other players and roll over the entire server thereby ruining the fun of the game. Fortunately, it does not take long for these players to be banned because they are using the cheats in the wrong way.

implies that you should only turn on the Aimbot when the game looks unbalanced. For example, you can use them when all high ranks comprise of the enemy team and you cannot get your base. Cheats will be the only way to get out of this situation.

You also cannot afford to be the villain when you should be a hero. Villains do not stay in the game for long. When using cheats, you should respect other players of the game.

Overall, Star Wars Battlefront is an amazing game that requires great players. While you want to emerge the best, do not make it too hard for others who want to enjoy the game as well by using the cheats at the wrong time.

Overwatch Gaming

Overwatch is a First Person Shooter team-based game , you have to chose between 23 heroes , each hero has unique weapons , and unique abilities , try to find your favorite hero, an start playing the game.
In Overwatch are 4 roles , Offense , Defense, Tank and Support , you know what kind of guy you are , and you know what role you want to play , here is a list of what you have to do and what heroes are in each role. All this information is coutesy of
If you play offensive you will like this role , the champions from this category are very mobile and deal a lot of damage , here you go , some champions made for this role
Genji is a ninja , he throws Shurikens at his targets , and has a katana which deflects projectiles or cuts down enemies.
Reaper has double shotguns , he can become a immune to damage shadow but he can’t shoot when he is in that form , he throws his shotguns when he is reloading.
Soldier 76 is a ranged hero , he has a rifle that is capable of firing spirals of high powered Helix Rockets, he is pretty fast.
The heroes from this role don’t have a high mobility or high damage , they are mainly used to defend objectives , here are some popular champions to play with.
Bastion is a robot that can become a Stationary Assault , mobile Recon or a Tank , Bastion also has a high win rate because of that. Some players say he is op , so you should try it.
Hanzo is an archer , he can reveal enemies and the most awesome fact about him is that he can spawn a dragon.
WidowMaker is a sniper , he has mines , a visor, and a powerful sniper rifle in her kit , her rifle can fire in fully-automatic mode.
If you like to take some massive damage without dying , stop enemies bullets with a shield , then this role is for you , here are some popular tank heroes.
D.Va is a girl in a robot , she cas Fusion Cannons that blast away with autofire at short range , and she has some boosters to barrel over enemies.
Winston has impressive inventions , a jump pack , a cannon that blast electricity , and a portable shield projector.
Zarya can transform incoming damage into energy for her Particle Cannon , you can only play Zarya in the front lines.
Heal , shield and revive , your damage dealers , support is a very important role in a team fight ,because you can protect the heroes from your team , some support champions are :
Mercy heals , resurrects and make her allies stronger , what do you want more from a support?
Ana is a sniper , she doesn’t have bullets she has syringes that heal her allies and deal damage to the enemies if hit.
Symmetra is kind of an engineer , she builds teleportation pads and sentry turrets, she also shield her allies.
If you already found your hero , you are ready to play overwatch , you will improve your reflexes by playing more and more , when you play a hero remember his role , don’t go full yolo with a support.

Free Games to Play

Online gaming has gone through a major growth spurt since the good old days of Pac-Man, Pokemon and Super Mario which revolutionized the video game industry with even the pioneer games undergoing their own revolution as well such as the newly launched version of Super Mario. This growth though has also come with a rather expensive downside with the pay-to-play type of gaming that developers are capitalizing on. However, this does not mean that gamers have to break the bank to enjoy great entertainment as there are plenty of amazing free games to play, both online and offline.

The classics are still available for gamers to enjoy for free online such as Scrabble, Solitaire and Mahjong with the latter to coming in a variety of versions such as Mahjong Garden and Mahjong Safari and World Class Solitaire, Tri-Peaks Solitaire and others while Scrabble allows you to play against up to three friends or against AI. Dominoes, Spades, Gin which also has interesting versions such as the interactive Jungle Gin, and FreeCell are also a number of the classic games that you can still enjoy today online for free.

The relative new games in the gaming industry now fall under various categories which cater to the different kinds of gamers out there. Plants vs. Zombies 2 is one of the most played games under the strategy genre of gaming that is also available for free play online. Other games in this genre include Kingdom Rush and JackSmith while the puzzle genre includes games like Crossword Cove and Lazors. MMO games which have a huge following are also available with games like Sparta, Fortune, Vegas World and StormFall providing endless hours of entertainment. Under shoot â€em ups, there are plenty of games to choose from Bowman 2 that allows you to bring out the archer in you and Sniper Team, Ricochet Kills 3 and Battalion Commander among a plethora of other games to choose from. Fast & Furious Car games include Supercar Road Trip 2 and Monster Truck Demolisher among others that cater to the need for speed and thrill innate in so many games. There are even new games such as Epic Celeb Brawl that poked fun at the recently concluded elections by including Hillary Clinton and Trump in the lineup of celebrities you can punch.

There are plenty of other genres with just as interesting lineups such as zombie games, sports games and action games with the choice of single-player or multiplayer mode. The number of games available online and even offline as free games to play continues to grow with the ever-changing and dynamic gaming industry that has scaled the heights to become one of the biggest industries yet. With so much material from the serious, to the tragic an the bizarre, there will never be a shortage of games which means even as the pay-to-play part of the gaming industry grows, so does the free-to-play section, providing plenty of entertainment to gamers, whatever your preferences may be and whatever age of gaming you may want to try out from the classics to the most recent.

Sim City BuildIT Game

There are so many games you can play today. Whether you love action games, racing games or mind challenging games, there are numerous games under very genre. However, it is a challenge to choose one game from the variety that exists. Since there are so many games, it also becomes impossible for you to play all of them in order to find one that is appealing for you. You however do not have to go through all that trouble just to find the best game. There is a game you will thoroughly enjoy no matter which genre of games you like. The name of this game is Sim City BuildIT Game.SimCity

Sim City BuildIT Game is a game where the player is the mayor of the town. Your work as mayor is to build a city that will provide for the needs of your citizen in order to ensure that they are very comfortable. However, you need to keep in mind that the more the city grows the more needs your citizens will have and it is your duty to ensure that you can provide for all of them. This is a very fun game and it includes a number of features that make it even more fun.

One of the features of this game is the 3D graphics and numerous building you have to work with. There is no other similar game that provides such features. You are able to position the buildings wherever you want them depending on how you see fit. You also have a chance of expanding and downsizing your city online and offline by a simple pinch and expansion of the size of the buildings. With this game, you are able to build any type of city you envision thanks to the many options you have to work with.

The other thing you will totally love about this game is the fact that you can actually bring your city to life. You have a choice between creating your own resources and trading with friends. The game features an airport where you can get your ship cargo and boat order. Apart from this, you have a chance to unlock popular landmarks. A great example is the statue of liberty. You will however have to complete some challenges in order to make your city come to life by incorporating some of this things. There is also an option of releasing some disasters into your city to make it like a real city. You have an option between natural and non-natural disasters. These make your city more interesting and fun. You will however need to do a lot of rebuilding once things are destroyed.

Last but not least, you are required to complete a number of challenges in order to keep your citizens happy. You need to provide education and parks, reduce traffic, pollution and anything else that might be a problem for your citizens. It is up to you to make sure your society is as happy as it can be.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a fun and addictive game that you can play for hours and hours without getting bored, Sim City BuildIT Game is the game you should play.

What is all the fuss about with ELO gaming?

League of Legends online game is one of the most popular online games today – what;s more is that somehow it is free to play!

You may or may not have heard about the million dollar prizes won by those League of Legend teams that got to the final stages of the League of Legends tournament. If you have, then you are probably already savvy to one of the most popular fantasy team fighting games online.

If you haven’t, then maybe you are as surprised as us to hear that this game has pro e-sport players winning million dollar prizes as pro players.

ELO is an abbreviation used for the game for your information, or you may also see LOL, which is quite obviously the abbreviation for League of Legends. So leading us back to the title:

What is all the fuss about with the League of Legends game?

We investigated and what we have uncovered is truly amazing; especially since the game is free to play!

  • Free to play

That is correct – so there is a game that offers millions of dollars in prize pool money in pro tournaments and it is free to play and learn.

  • You can play in a team with your friends

Team games are 5 versus 5 in the traditional sense of the game. There are other options, but the most played version and the pro version are played 5 v 5. It means you and 5 friends can pitch their fighting skill sup against another team of 5. That team of 5 can be another team you know or if you just enter into the game matching pool, then LOL will automatically match your team up to another team of 5 close to the ratings of your team.

  • You can make friends playing the game online

If you do not have 5 friends that want to play, then you can just join in as a solo player. The game matching client will then choose 4 team mates to make up your team of 5. The other team will also have 5 players.

  • There are hundreds of Champions to choose from

You can learn anyone of over 130 Champion characters on the game. Some are ranged, some are melee so they hot, some have magic ability, some healing ability to help people heal before, during and after fights.

  • There is a shop full of items to buy

Items from the shop will help you build up your Champion’s strength and/or speed in the game. Also, they can help with support situations such as giving your fellow team mates additional health when they are running low. Other items help you see dark areas on the map by lighting them up.

In the game your Champion will only be able to carry a certain number of items, so you are limited to what you can buy. Nonetheless, some items when bought will eventually combine into one larger item that only tales up one spot.

So an item that needs 4 other items to join it into 1 item will free up an additional 2 spaces one you bought the 4th item (3 items in your stash, then when the 4th item is purchased it will take the other 2 items freeing up 2 spots and the new item bought to make 1 super powerful item).

  • If you get good at the game, you can play in pro tournaments

I mean just like playing any sport, to get to a stage where you are paid to play means you also have to have some kind of natural ability. Plus, you will need to dedicate a lot of practice to fine tuning your game.

Not only that, you will need to be good with several different Champions because you will need to play counter to the other team’s pick. If you can only play 1 Champion, then you can easily be countered.

A great resource we used to write this article was dedicated to ELO gaming. The website has a great news section, loads of tips on how to play the game, and even offers coaching lessons for those that want to improve the way they play.

Overall, there are so many things that make this game so special. The detail, the number of items there are, the scoring system, the massive number of Champions to choose from. Nonetheless, these are all things you would expect from a decent online game. So what it is that really makes League of Legends such a valuable game?

For us, it is the fact that it is free. Yes, free to play! Pretty amazing that Riot gaming has put so much effort into a game that they do not charge to play!

Finding Online Strategy Games

age-of-empires-online01When you’re looking for different ways to relax after a long day at work or even after a long week, you can choose between different options – you can read, you can watch a movie, you can go swimming or for a picnic or you can play online games.

The internet provides you with plenty of choices in this area, and there are games for everyone – adventure games, card games, car games, casino games, strategy games and even more. All you have to do is actually know what you want to play, so let’s see how you can find the ones that are the most interesting – the strategy games.

battleship-thumbAsk Around

Many people love to play strategy games because usually these are more than just simple games. They help the player discover new options and new possibilities for achieving the victory, and even if it all happens in a game, it will have a very big influence in the every day life, in taking the right decisions and anticipating the reactions of others. That’s a very big part of knowing how to play a strategy game, because what you do will also affect the rest of the players from the game and it can influence the outcome of the game.

So, this being said, you can ask around your friends and family members to see which one prefers to play strategy games and what these games are. You could come up with interesting recommendations.

Look Online

The online is indeed a wide area, so making a search will bring you plenty of results. There are more than enough websites that give you lists with strategy games but also websites that are dedicated for just one game.

Apart from this, there are also forums where you get to read different things about these games – how to play them, how to make an account, what to pay attention to, what problems can there be in the game, how to pass from one level to another and so on.


If you’re looking for the best strategy games, look for those dedicated websites that present you with specific tops in this area. However, to be able to play those from the top of the top you’ll have to have a certain prior experience in playing online strategy games, because usually those are the most complicated and they require a bigger understanding of general strategies.

Details and Info

When you think you have found something interesting, look out for more information about that specific game. Usually, the website that hosts it will also present you with the story of the game and a few details that you’ll need to know prior to playing it. You’ll know if you are required to pay some money or not, you’ll know if the game is based on a continuous evolution or on matches, you’ll know the plot and a lot of other useful details that can help you decide if you want to play it or not.

Making Accounts

Once you’ve found something you think you like, you can make an account with the website and start playing. It all takbest strategy games Dawn of Wares about a few minutes and it’s extremely easy, just as you would make an account for an email. With just a username and a password, you’ll be able to play the game of your choice. Keep in mind that many of these games will require you to be present in the game, to supervise the evolution of your character or of your activity and to continue it. These strategy games can be quite demanding actually, letting you spend at least a few hours in this wonderful universe where you try to control the outcome of the game.