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Mobile Gaming Overtakes PC and Console Games

This probably won’t come as a huge shock, but the revenue for mobile gaming has now surpassed the revenue taken in for console gaming and PC gaming. Now mobile gaming accounts over 50% of revenue in online gaming market with PCs and mobiles making up the other half. This includes tablets and smartphones combined both beating PCs and consoles combined.

In fact, the mobile gaming market takes up a staggering $70.3 billion in revenue to date. Mobile and PC gaming combined takes up $67.5 billion of a gaming market worth $137.8 billion. Therefore, mobile gaming in fact takes up 51% of the total market share.
This increase was only just reported meaning mobile gaming has only recently trended above PC and console gaming revenue.

By 2021, the online gaming market is predicted to be worth a gigantic $180.1 billion. Of that amount, mobile gaming is predicted to be worth at least $100 billion exceeding the console and PC gaming market and making mobile gaming the dominate force in the industry.

With such figures, this shows that anyone interested in investing in the gaming market should firstly look at shares in anything that is related to mobile games. With a growing market and revenue still increasing the mobile and tablet gaming market will be 59% of the online gaming industry’s total revenue. There is certainly enough room to invest in this particular segment and expect a decent return.
That being said, even the rising revenues in the PC and console gaming market are not a bad investment as both these market sectors are still very much alive in the race for dominance. PC gaming may not be your best bet at the moment just because both markets are not set to rise as much as mobile.

Expected Percentage Rise By 2021: 

  • Mobile: 26.8% Increase in gaming industry market share 
  • PC: 3.1% increase in gaming industry market share 
  • Console Gaming: 2.3% increase in gaming industry market share 

Why is the PC Gaming Market Still Rising?

With the huge increase in the popularity of MOBA gaming; otherwise known as eSports, the PC gaming market is still very much alive. eSports have literally saved PC gaming with free software downloads to play many of these games. Where the revenue comes from is buying extras such as tournament or season passes as well as virtual merchandise.
For instance, in the game League of Legends, you can buy virtual swords, armour, and complete outfits for the Champions players use. There are also tons of other things you can buy from the online virtual shop on the LOL game. The same goes for many other MOBA/eSports games. All of them give members an option to make purchases and this is expected to fuel the PC gaming market.

Console Gaming
More than anything it seems console gaming has reached a peak at present. Those that buy updated consoles are generally console gaming fans. There does not seem to be too much of a rise in sales although PlayStation always seems to beat its previous PlayStation version of sales. However, games also come at a higher price the previous console and this can slow down the market or even put people off because PC and mobile gaming have much cheaper options.

This is especially true in countries with low economy outputs. Countries in South East Asia and Africa tend to have a lot of mobile and PC gamers playing free games. As opposed to forking out a large sum of cash on a new console game, lower income citizens prefer to play free games and spend a small amount of cash upgrading their gaming experience, which these costs can be as little as 5% of the cost of a fully blown original PlayStation 4 game.

As a result, consoles are aimed at high society demographics as well as higher developer countries where salaries are high such as Canada, USA, France, England, Australia, New Zealand and most countries in Europe. The cost of a console game does not break the bank for these citizens. On the other hand, free games on PCs tend to attract more buyers with each sale worth much less from lesser developed economies.

Mobile Gaming
Mobile gaming is similar to that of PC gaming. Many people like to play the free games, but they will pay for extra to enhance their gaming experience. These extras are usually very cheap and once again as low as 5% of the cost of buying a brand-new console game. Mobile also has several advantages over PC and console gaming.

Firstly, with smartphones now affordable to those that previously could not afford the luxury of owning a touchscreen telephone, nearly everyone in the world is getting connected. 3G and 4G is widely available even in the remotest of locations in some of the poorest nations. Plus, it seems everyone needs a telephone. The inevitable result is a large percentage of the world’s population connecting to the internet where access to games can be made from anywhere.

Secondly, most mobile games are free. If you want to make additional purchases, the option is there. Alternatively, you can continue playing for free. However, with the latest revenue mobile games are brining in, it seems that a lot of people cannot resist the chance to spend some money on their favourite game.
There is stiff competition out there and gaming is down to everyone personal preference. However, there is no doubt anymore about which is most popular. Smartphone and tablet gaming is here to stay and set to rise exponentially over the next half a decade.