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James Donaghue online freelance consultant

About James Donaghue SEO Consultant & Freelance Writer

It is great to have been invited to write for Lumaarcade, a blog that I have always read, but then noticed that recently not much content has been contributed as of late. I am here to start 2 new sections to the blog roll and to redesign the home page at some point to make the blog more interesting.

For now, I am writing this blog just to introduce myself as the blog’s new project manager and contributor. I will also be hiring other people to write on this blog, so we have a wide range of ideas and opinions on the following subjects:

  • Web design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Technology
  • Blockchain Technologies
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Software

I would like to ask anyone that would like to contribute a blog to send an email via our contact us form. I will only be accepting high-quality posts with 100% correct grammar. We do not allow people to add anchors to home pages or to sales pages. That means that if the purpose of you asking to contribute content this blog is to link to your home page, we will remove it.

The idea of the blogs that we will be posting here on Lumaarcade is to give people informative information and add links to educational websites and resources that help the reader study further.

About Me

I have been working as an online digital marketer for over 8 years. I began working online as a writer and then progressed into SEO. Today I am involved in several projects that focus on generating online traffic for my clients. The key to success has always been content. Whether you are using Google Ads, Bing Ads, social media channels, or banner advertising, the landing page that the user visits as a result of using these digital marketing strategies will only be effective if the content is relevant and of high-quality.

My main role at the moment for my clients is the project manager. I understand the processes used to ensure every aspect of any digital marketing project is covered. I look at the bigger picture and organise all the parts of the jigsaw.

  • Graphic Designers

I make sure graphic designers work on providing infographics, images, and mock up landing page graphics for web design projects, social media, pay-per-click ads, blogs, and any other jobs that require a graphic designer.

  • Content Management

Content management is broken down into different sections. Organising content is similar to running a factory line. You need to hire good writers at the right price. You also need editors/proofreaders as well as quality control personnel. On top of this, you need trustworthy people to upload content. Content includes the written work as well as the graphic designs that go with the articles. Uploads can range from regularly uploading blogs to having someone load content onto a web page.

  • SEO Management

Managing SEO is a tough job. There is the outreach aspect of the job, which falls closely in line with content management. When my team outreaches to a website, it is to contribute high-quality content with images and infographics included. On top of this, we offer to contribute updates to outdated blogs, which are easy to find if the niche that we are targeting is one that changes often. For example, I write a lot about blockchain technologies. I also manage the outreach solution for websites that cover cryptocurrencies.

I know when there have been major changes with cryptocurrencies, and I often come across outdated content when I am researching a news article. This gives me an immediate opportunity to offer to update the content in return for a mention about one of the websites I am helping build their SEO.

Arguably one of the most time-consuming tasks when it comes to outreach is getting the content right. Making sure it is relevant and interesting. There is no point in placing content on a high traffic site if people that see it get bored of reading it after the first paragraph.

SEO is not just about content placements. One of the toughest aspects of being an SEO is making sure that my clients stay in line with the latest on-page SEO updates. Search engines are hot on the subject of user experience and as such, that means I have to make sure page speeds on my client sites are always fast. The issue is when there are regular changes on these sites, things such as images are uploaded regularly. When the image is oversized, it will slow down the page speed. Also, people tend to forget certain SEO indicators such as something as simple as adding an ALT tag.

As a result, I make sure that a full on-page SEO audit runs on all my client sites at least once every quarter. A list of actionable tasks is made, and the web developers have to return to pages they edited and update them in order to bring them in line with the Google algorithm.

I am literally giving you the short version here, but you can already see that there is a lot to SEO management.

  • Web Design

There is so much competition out there from web designers, sadly I do not get involved with too many brand new web development projects. I actually enjoy web design whether it is building a new site, migrations, or redesigning an old site. I have to work with my graphic designers, content writers, editors, QC personnel, and my SEO team. We have to put together site maps, wireframes, mock graphics for the final design, creating structured silos, landing pages, blogs and so on.

As I love project managing, I love web design projects. I have a plan and schedule mapped out and then start to assign everyone their tasks. The most gratifying stage of the process is when it all starts to come together. The content goes up, the branded images, graphic design, video, menus, and so on. Testing the site is the last stage where all the bugs are ironed out.

  • Pay Per Click Marketing

I have to be honest, this is part of digital marketing I hate the most. I really do not enjoy it. I did when I first started to dabble in PPC, but nothing really changes. I have to admit that I hire a team of expert PPC strategists, and I would like to keep it that way. They manage my PPC projects, so I don’t have to. That said, the initial research stages I do quite enjoy. The design of the landing page, content, graphic designs, infographics, plus making sure it is fully mobile responsive and passes the Google Page Speed Insights tests are all enjoyable.

On top of this, planning the content and sales funnels is interesting work. I get to do a lot of A/B testing and study traffic analytics. It is extremely satisfying when you make tweaks to the sales funnel or content that increases the time people spend on the page and increases the number of goals we hit as well as conversions.

Then there is the actual design of Ads depending on the strategy being used. Display Ads require graphic designers; as do banner ads. Working through ideas with graphic designers to create nice looking digital ads is one of the most interesting PPC tasks.

  • Social Media

I have not even touched on the subjects social media and the various platforms out there. There are the most obvious, which are Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I tend not to get involved in the paid advertsing side of social media campaigns too much. Once again I do not enjoy the running of the campaigns. Instead, this is another area I outsource.

As for the areas I am interested in, this would be working with the graphic designers once again. Creating infographics for Instagram has been the latest task have taken on. This was for an accountancy company that wanted to start to try and see how Instagram would work for them after a successful Facebook campaign.

We basically used infographics and images for the entire project. The infographics broke down the outsourced accountancy packages. This proved to be very successful, and now we are trying the same method for a car insurance company in Thailand. We also used a lot of imagery.

They say a picture can speak a 1,000 words. Using the right images and getting the graphic designers to use phrases on top of these images we were able to build up the brand image. Pictures of happy customers, employees, and corporate social responsibility activities that were popular on Facebook were redesigned or edited to suit an Instagram based target audience.  It is fair to say that now the Instagram campaign is as successful as the Facebook campaign was.

Rounding Up My Intro

As you have had to read a lot about what I have been doing with the field of digital marketing, I will keep this short. You probably have a pretty clear picture of my role as a digital marketer. I tend to get involved in every aspect of the entire integrated digital marketing plan. Sometimes maybe I get a little too deep into some of these areas, or at least it may seem that way. However, most of the time I rely on my team to come up with the final solution. I just bring all the pieces together, but it is the graphic designers that the experts when it comes to expression using imagery.

I am not artistic, and so I have an idea of what is needed, but it is my designers that really come up with the final product. They really count for a lot of the work on all the projects. On top of this, my writers and editors are just as important. If they did not understand the target audience, then my projects would not produce the results that they do. Plus, my analytic teams are another important piece of the puzzle. They create reports that show the data that helps us to spot trends and make the next move, so we can always improve the online traffic stats that result in giving my clients a positive ROI.