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Online gaming has gone through a major growth spurt since the good old days of Pac-Man, Pokemon and Super Mario which revolutionized the video game industry with even the pioneer games undergoing their own revolution as well such as the newly launched version of Super Mario. This growth though has also come with a rather expensive downside with the pay-to-play type of gaming that developers are capitalizing on. However, this does not mean that gamers have to break the bank to enjoy great entertainment as there are plenty of amazing free games to play, both online and offline.

The classics are still available for gamers to enjoy for free online such as Scrabble, Solitaire and Mahjong with the latter to coming in a variety of versions such as Mahjong Garden and Mahjong Safari and World Class Solitaire, Tri-Peaks Solitaire and others while Scrabble allows you to play against up to three friends or against AI. Dominoes, Spades, Gin which also has interesting versions such as the interactive Jungle Gin, and FreeCell are also a number of the classic games that you can still enjoy today online for free.

The relative new games in the gaming industry now fall under various categories which cater to the different kinds of gamers out there. Plants vs. Zombies 2 is one of the most played games under the strategy genre of gaming that is also available for free play online. Other games in this genre include Kingdom Rush and JackSmith while the puzzle genre includes games like Crossword Cove and Lazors. MMO games which have a huge following are also available with games like Sparta, Fortune, Vegas World and StormFall providing endless hours of entertainment. Under shoot â€em ups, there are plenty of games to choose from Bowman 2 that allows you to bring out the archer in you and Sniper Team, Ricochet Kills 3 and Battalion Commander among a plethora of other games to choose from. Fast & Furious Car games include Supercar Road Trip 2 and Monster Truck Demolisher among others that cater to the need for speed and thrill innate in so many games. There are even new games such as Epic Celeb Brawl that poked fun at the recently concluded elections by including Hillary Clinton and Trump in the lineup of celebrities you can punch.

There are plenty of other genres with just as interesting lineups such as zombie games, sports games and action games with the choice of single-player or multiplayer mode. The number of games available online and even offline as free games to play continues to grow with the ever-changing and dynamic gaming industry that has scaled the heights to become one of the biggest industries yet. With so much material from the serious, to the tragic an the bizarre, there will never be a shortage of games which means even as the pay-to-play part of the gaming industry grows, so does the free-to-play section, providing plenty of entertainment to gamers, whatever your preferences may be and whatever age of gaming you may want to try out from the classics to the most recent.