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The Best VPN Providers

Choosing the best VPN is becoming one of the most important decisions of the online world. Everyone from teenagers to multi-national companies is turning to VPN providers for security assistance. It has become a rather vital part in everyone’s internet experience, but with so many people turning to VPNs there has also been a massive increase in VPN providers. This is why users have a difficult choice to make between all the providers who all offer great services.

There is quite a battle going on for information. Many people try to steal private information in order to get some money or to sell more products. This is why VPN providers are doubling down on what they can offer.

As we are dealing with all your personal information and privacy, it is best to get some expert opinions on the matter of which provider to trust. At least until you get some more experience in the field.

To get an expert analysis, have a look at die besten VPN anbieter.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the top rated VPN providers, this is only a summary and more information can be found at the above mentioned link.


 This provider is rated by many review experts as the ultimate choice. It is characterized by its user-friendly interface that makes a professional level VPN easy to use for everyone. It can be called a professional level VPN because it meets very high technical standards. A good choice for anyone who is looking for the best.

CyberGhost Experience

This provider is based in Romania and they offer an amazing service to over 10 million users. Their VPN is simple and easy to use without too many technical extras. This makes it the perfect VPN for beginners, but if you are an advanced user then you might find it is missing some advanced options. CyberGhost is a good start for those just getting in to things.


This VPN provider fills in the third spot on this short review summary. It is still top quality and can compete with any of the top providers. On top of its great services it is also one of the cheaper options. This is great because it allows those on a tight budget to also have good security and protect their privacy. Another top tier provider for sure.

As you can see, every VPN has its own unique specialty, and they need to in order to stand out from the masses. Depending on your unique needs, certain VPNs will work better for you than others. For example if you are just getting started and you do not really understand a lot about VPNs then you definitely do not need something expensive that comes with all the professional advanced settings.

This is why it is advised to check in for some professional reviews and advice so that you can save yourself a lot of trouble, money and time.

All You Need To Know About Lego Worlds

Who doesn’t like Lego? Obviously the developers knew the answer to this question and this is why they came up with this interesting new game where everything and anything is possible. Lego Worlds takes the player to a journey in medieval times where everything is made entirely from Lego. You have the freedom to build, paint, move, copy, paste and even destroy anything. The sky is the limit when it comes to Lego and what you can do with them.

Two games in one:

Lego Worlds is actually made up from 2 games that have different goals for the price of one. The first game allows the players to explore an infinite number of worlds on a spaceship. The players gets to travel whenever and wherever they like to look for gold bricks. The gold bricks are earned when you do missions and when find treasure chests. When you gain enough gold bricks you get to level up in the game which can give you more options of generating worlds or gaining more skill abilities. While the outcome of gaining these bricks is lovely but sometimes you can get bored doing the same activities over and over again.

The other part of the game is the most interesting part where you can easily copy and paste anything you find in the world that suits your imagination. You will get to use a 3D grab tool that will allow you to pick up everything you like to create a Lego replica or to save it for later. There is no trick here because anything and everything is made from Lego and can be easily copied.

The challenge:

Most of the time the purposes of the two games will not be related. Like when you find an interesting dungeon that is supposedly going to take you somewhere interesting in an adventure theme only to find out that there is nothing to stop you from reaching your destination. In some instances, there is no obstacle or wall to separate you from reaching your quest. This can make the game less challenging at times.

Impressive worlds:

There is nothing that could be repetitive about the graphics of this game. Everything you see will not be repeated. Just when you think that you’ve seen it all, the game will surprise you with a new world with interesting and new potential. The combination between factors is really impressive, where you can spend your time exploring a modern town that is surrounded by a spooky forest that is full of zombies and witches. There is no limit to creativity and the developers embraced this idea to the fullest.

There is however a problem with controlling this game. After sometime, building everything brick by brick can become really time consuming and tiring. This is why you need to learn tools like copy/paste which are not really easy to master. If you hit the wrong button, it will be real program. At the same time, aiming at your enemies is definitely an area for improvement. Although there are a lot of weapons available, there is no option available to make sure that you are aiming at the right spot. Your best bet is to keep on shooting and hope for the best.

The game is also subject to annoying glitches especially when you are deforming several things at once. This can be a little bit frustrating especially if you got caught up in the heat of the game and the amazing features offered. At the same time, if you are moving too fast or firing fiercely at your enemies, you might see that there is a bit of a visual lag that is quite obvious if you are moving through one of the interesting worlds in aircraft. In some cases, several world chunks wouldn’t fully load until you are right on top of them which can make the experience a little bit troublesome for enthusiastic players.

The verdict:

Lego Worlds is a fun game that allows the player to create just about everything. Keeping that in mind, the players might suffer from the terrible combat system and the hard to master controls that can make the experience less impressive. But despite that, it is always interesting to explore a new chunk of the creation code as it is always an inspiration of what you can do next.

System requirements:

These are the minimum requirements:

OS: Windows 7

Processor: Intel Dual Core 2GHz

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: 512MB GPU with Shaders 3.0

DirectX: Version 9.0

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Storage: 10 GB available space

These are the recommended system requirements for a better experience:

OS: Windows 7

Processor: AMD or Intel Quad Core running at 2.6GHz

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 or ATI Radeon HD 5850 or better

DirectX: Version 11

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Storage: 10 GB available space

Why Should You Use a VPN For Online Gaming?

One of the latest trends in the world of tech that I have been hearing about is the number of people using VPNs to connect to gaming servers. Now from my understanding, VPNs would normally slow down your connection and cause more lag, so I decided to test this out. However, before I began I decided to take a look at what all the fuss was about.

  1. Preventing Hackers

Hackers are a mischievous bunch, to say the least. Personally, I understand the thrill of hacking. I myself am a hacker, but I hack back on hackers or search for hackers and crush them. I have also been on the receiving end of being crushed back in a battle of wits. Now I use bait to lure in hackers and destroy them! So, what I am trying to say is that even though most of you probably hate hackers, I have a more sympathetic approach.

I can tell you as an experienced hacker that I know Virtual Private Network (VPN) software is absolutely awesome when it comes to preventing hacker attacks. They take a lot of time and effort to get around and there are much easier picking out there for hackers than someone hiding behind a VPN to play a game. Most of the time those gamers using a VPN are not doing it because they want to hide. The reason is more performance-based, which I will get to in section 3 below (no lag).

  1. Connecting to a Game Server in Another Country

Occasionally some games will only let you play if you are situated within a particular country. There are also plenty of cases where you are forced to play against players on a server that is closest to your location, which can consist of lower quality players or players that are too good because the game has been around longer in that country. In Germany, they say die besten vpn anbieter for the best VPN software to connect to online games.

Either way, if you want to connect to gaming servers in a particular country, then VPNs are the perfect solution. It is worth noting that the type of VPN you are will depend on the game you are playing. It is no good connecting to a VPN if it restricts your bandwidth so much so that it makes your gaming experience almost unplayable.

One thing that I learned is that you need to make sure you get a decent VPN for graphics and overall resource-intensive games such as Dota, League of Legends, and Call of Duty. Most VPNs will come with a selection of countries to choose from, and from within those countries more locations. This is perfect for connecting to another location, but you will also need to check the speed of each server to make sure you connect to the one with the highest performance – sichere vpn anbieter once again from the Germans when we are talking about internation VPNs!

  1. No Lag

After testing a few VPNs, I decided to ramp up my package to a high-speed VPN that would basically enhance my gaming experience rather than deplete it, which during the initial stages of my tests happened a lot. You need to be prepared to part with at least some cash to get a decent VPN that will, in fact, enhance your gaming experience.

After assessing each advantage above, I decided to test out various VPNs and play Dota 2. Firstly, I tried a free VPN, which was unplayable for Dota, However, it was OK for other games that were not too graphically intense, but when I tried to play Dota 2, the game had way too much lag. My SIM City was, of course, fine and my poker games were great, so no problems with these kinds of games.

With all those tests over with,  I decided to upgrade one of my current VPNs that appeared to offer over 15 Mbps, which seems like more than enough for gaming on a higher end VPN package.

The Higher End VPN Package

Now, this was a pleasant surprise. I have been playing on the high-end VPN for over a month now and rarely do I experience any lag. It is great. I cannot figure out why I get a smoother gaming experience playing on the VPN, but after doing some research it has something to do with using the processing power of the VPN server.

Also, other people using the same router as me are not affecting my session – gone of the days when you see the wife watching movies and YouTube is on the Smart TV in the kitchen=, which I might add is not even being watched. Then,  sons are playing their online games. Sometimes it seems that even the pets are using the internet somehow.

Thank you, VPN! At the moment, I feel quite safe playing my games via a VPN and I love the fact that I very rarely have experienced lag. When I have, I usually share this in a comment to the rest of the players on the game to which they seem to reply – and gaming server. This would indicate it is not the VPN and instead the gaming server I was connecting to.

Overall, if you have the spare cash, I definitely recommend using a VPN for online gaming.