The Best Mobile Games Online Right Now

Mobile gaming is becoming popular day by day. There are numerous online games available on the internet that are very addictive and fun to play. Here is a list of some of the most popular mobile games being played right now.

Minecraft Mobile Game Review

Here is one of my beloved game “Minecraft” hooked a lot of youngsters and children to stick their mobiles and collect a pile of virtual cubes.

  • What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is designed in 2009 by Markus Persson with basic graphics. It is a kind of sandbox game where you need to dig the virtual landscape holes to collect the blocks. These blocks are used to create shelters or making weapons to hide and fight with the zombies who would come alive at the night. This is all imagination and creativity. So, this is turned to be very interesting and engaging. This game has claimed over 100 million users who have registered under it and play this game.

  • What makes the game interesting and addictive?

How come a game be so addictive if there is no storyline? Minecraft makes it happen. The thing that engages me in this game is creativity and imagination.

Making shelters like buildings and weapons to kill the demons, ghost, and zombies is the best part that led you to keep engaging in this wonderful game. It is all imagination, so you can use your blocks to create anything you want either its hut or a tower depends upon your ability to collect the blocks.

Godus Mobile Game Review

Godus is a mobile game also available for Windows, Mac and iOS developed and publish by 22Cans. Just like the name given to the game, the player is a god. The primary objective of the game is, player being a god he needs to build a world with followers for him.

  • Why do I like this game so much?

The game stands out unique where the player himself is the god, and he must create everything for a world in which his followers reside. Initially the game begins with a man and woman drowning in sea, the player being god will help them by creating a land near the man and woman.

Gradually they both become your followers for helping them out when they are in danger. Your followers begin exploring the world around them and start creating monuments, temples, shrines, and other stuffs. As they gradually get civilize, they will begin sending you beliefs which you can use to control them. Belief are given to you based on how you care about your followers (worshipers).

This game helps you in designing the world just like you want. You can simply create lands or destroy lands, create mountains allow people to breed to get more population. More population means more civilizations, therefore more beliefs making your world more powerful. It makes you feel just like god for those people, who are believing in your creations every now and then.

  • Is it available online?

Yes, the game is available online for everyone to download it for free. Android users can download the game from PlayStore, iOS and Mac users can download the game from iTunes and Windows users can download the game from Steam. You can also add your friends who plays the game and check out how their world looks like and compete with them to build a better world.

918Kiss Mobile Games

Some of the best online games I have managed to play using a completely free account on my mobile are provided by 918Kiss. This is bascially an APK download for iOS or Android. Once you have downloaded the app, all you need to do is go and find the free online casino username and password, and you are away.

There are tons of games you can play here – in fact the games include video slots, baccarat, poker, blackjack roulette, and a whole host of other awesome online games in a section called the Arcade section. All games are configured for mobile play and you can use play money to get into the action.

I especially like the slots, but as I also like my card games, I play some blackjack too, which is an awesome game if you can play it online for free.

The reason I love this gamezone so much is because it is free and the games have been designed for real money gamers too. That means the gameing devlopers have put a lot of effort into making the games as smooth as possible while you play online. As a freebie player, I can take advantage of this awesome quality gaming expereince.

Check it out: Free download

Block Puzzle Jewel Mobile Game Review

After a stressful and hectic day, we all have different ways to unwind. Some of us watch television, others choose to sleep while others prefer playing their favorite mobile game. Playing a game that is exciting and interesting, will definitely lighten up your mood and has great effects afterwards. Let me tell you about a game that never disappoints me.

  • What is Block Puzzle Jewel?

This is an advanced version of the traditional brick game. We all used to play for hours because it was not only addictive but also simple to play.

Block Puzzle Jewel is a mobile game created by hua wei wei and it’s all about stacks of blocks. A player stacks the blocks or bricks to form a pay line in order to get points. It’s so simple and yet so fun.

This game has a couple of interesting features. To start of, it has amazing sound effects. The sound produced during play is very pleasant to the ear. Even to a toddler. Once you move a stack of blocks, win, or loose, a thrilling sound is produced.

Also, the graphics are pretty nice. They are very clear and big enough to enhance seamless and an easier gaming experience.

Another pro that is notable about this game is its simple user interface. It allows easy manoeuvring when you stack up blocks from one point to the other. Furthermore, block puzzle jewel can be played by all demographic ages. Be it a kid, teenager or the aged. It’s very user friendly and quite addictive.

One more thing is that it’s totally free to download it. Where to download block puzzle jewel Block Puzzle Jewel is available on Google Playstore and supports only android mobile devices with a 4.0+ version.

In conclusion, this game provides a good gaming experience compared to other types of brick games. It will give you a seamless and easy adventure just at the tip of your fingers. Anyone who loves mobile games, this is definitely worth it.

Logic Master – Mind Twist

“Logic Master” is an Andriod platform based game. Recently scrolling through my playstore, i came across this game. Checked it’s rating 4.6 stars & downloaded it & within minutes this game caught my eyeball towards it. Am loving this game & more importantly learning from it.

This is a logical game with most irregular and dubious inquiries that require innovative approach. It’s brilliant, creative & weird in the meantime.

  • It tests out my:
  1. Memory
  2. Flexibility
  3. Attention
  4. Visual Processing
  5. Capacity to think, in very unconventional ways.
  6. It has helped me to boost my IQ with it’s INSANE puzzles.
  • It’s Key features:

– Exceptionally basic and addictive gameplay

– Multilanguage support

– 200+ puzzles

– Worldwide Leaderboards, Achievement Boards and Star Boards

– Intellectual Score Evaluation

– High quality and lovely handdrawn graphics

– Fun music and sound effects

– One finger touch or drag controls

– Contend against time and players everywhere throughout the world

  • Why I like this game:

(a) Makes me think out of the box.

(b) It keeps tracking my performance & shows statistics.

(c) Works offline, so i can play anywhere at any time.

(d) It helps me exercise my brain with intellectual problems and boost my mental capacity.

(e) Helps me in improving my memory, concentration, and mindfulness.

(f) Improves my capacity of critical thinking.

(g) Train shape & color coordination.

I challenge my friends to play & compare our performance statistics & motivate each other to update our mental skills & cognitive abilities. The game is available on play store at free of cost.

It has been developed by “Weez Beez”. Once you start playing, you would start loving it & won’t ask yourself to stop. A nice game to spend time on. I found myself giggling many a times after solving the levels at times as they were kiddish and mind-bogling at the same time.

Just not logic, you must be imaginative with solutions.

Overall I love all these games!

What is all the fuss about with ELO gaming?

League of Legends online game is one of the most popular online games today – what;s more is that somehow it is free to play!

You may or may not have heard about the million dollar prizes won by those League of Legend teams that got to the final stages of the League of Legends tournament. If you have, then you are probably already savvy to one of the most popular fantasy team fighting games online.

If you haven’t, then maybe you are as surprised as us to hear that this game has pro e-sport players winning million dollar prizes as pro players.

ELO is an abbreviation used for the game for your information, or you may also see LOL, which is quite obviously the abbreviation for League of Legends. So leading us back to the title:

What is all the fuss about with the League of Legends game?

We investigated and what we have uncovered is truly amazing; especially since the game is free to play!

  • Free to play

That is correct – so there is a game that offers millions of dollars in prize pool money in pro tournaments and it is free to play and learn.

  • You can play in a team with your friends

Team games are 5 versus 5 in the traditional sense of the game. There are other options, but the most played version and the pro version are played 5 v 5. It means you and 5 friends can pitch their fighting skill sup against another team of 5. That team of 5 can be another team you know or if you just enter into the game matching pool, then LOL will automatically match your team up to another team of 5 close to the ratings of your team.

  • You can make friends playing the game online

If you do not have 5 friends that want to play, then you can just join in as a solo player. The game matching client will then choose 4 team mates to make up your team of 5. The other team will also have 5 players.

  • There are hundreds of Champions to choose from

You can learn anyone of over 130 Champion characters on the game. Some are ranged, some are melee so they hot, some have magic ability, some healing ability to help people heal before, during and after fights.

  • There is a shop full of items to buy

Items from the shop will help you build up your Champion’s strength and/or speed in the game. Also, they can help with support situations such as giving your fellow team mates additional health when they are running low. Other items help you see dark areas on the map by lighting them up.

In the game your Champion will only be able to carry a certain number of items, so you are limited to what you can buy. Nonetheless, some items when bought will eventually combine into one larger item that only tales up one spot.

So an item that needs 4 other items to join it into 1 item will free up an additional 2 spaces one you bought the 4th item (3 items in your stash, then when the 4th item is purchased it will take the other 2 items freeing up 2 spots and the new item bought to make 1 super powerful item).

  • If you get good at the game, you can play in pro tournaments

I mean just like playing any sport, to get to a stage where you are paid to play means you also have to have some kind of natural ability. Plus, you will need to dedicate a lot of practice to fine tuning your game.

Not only that, you will need to be good with several different Champions because you will need to play counter to the other team’s pick. If you can only play 1 Champion, then you can easily be countered.

A great resource we used to write this article was dedicated to ELO gaming. The website has a great news section, loads of tips on how to play the game, and even offers coaching lessons for those that want to improve the way they play.

Overall, there are so many things that make this game so special. The detail, the number of items there are, the scoring system, the massive number of Champions to choose from. Nonetheless, these are all things you would expect from a decent online game. So what it is that really makes League of Legends such a valuable game?

For us, it is the fact that it is free. Yes, free to play! Pretty amazing that Riot gaming has put so much effort into a game that they do not charge to play!