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Gaming Used in Cadbury’s Marketing!

If you plan to capture the attention of a huge and ever growing target market, then online gaming should be seriously researched. That is exactly what Cadbury’s in their ‘Astros Space Race’ competition.

There is no doubt that online gaming is one of the internet’s most popular past times. With an array of virtual games accessible from your phone, tablet, or Android, it is inevitable marketers will try their best to reach you through those apps on your phone.

One of the best marketing campaigns we have ever seen that involved mobile gaming was the Astros Space competition.

It was based on a game that was themed and marketed as a Space Race app. This was no ordinary Space Race because the stakes were high for space lovers.

After purchasing a specially marked Astros chocolate bar players could find the path to retrieving the mobile game‘s download path and credentials via a WAP capable cell phone.

Once they were ready to go players learned the game and bid for the highest score they could get. The winner would be the player that managed to get the highest score out of all players before the end of promotion date kicked in.

Over 1 month of multiple downloads and game play a winner with the highest score was born.

The Astros Space Race Prize

The prize was a trip to the USA that included a trip to Disney World’s Epcot Center, plus a visit to the Kennedy Space Center and a star prize being tickets to see a real-life rocket launch.

A Lesson to be Learned From Laser Targeted Promotions

In today’s day and age, the new up and coming generation are the most inquisitive and technological individuals.

This is the reasoning behind Cadbury’s idea to launch a space adventure based game that went hand in hand with the space theme of their product.

Astros was the result; a fresh game designed and launched especially for this competitive space race promotion. The idea of the competition was that all consumers needed to do was to purchase the Astros packs that came with the Astros competition mark.

Interacting with Your Target Audience

It was Promise brand Specialists that were the geniuses behind one of Cadbury’s most memorable promotions.

They came up with an inventive way to interact in the most entertaining way possible. It was an experiment for Cadburys and one that would make history as it was one of the very first inactive promotions of its time.

What an ingenious way to get your audience always thinking about your brand. Those that partook in the coopetition were on the game as much as possible in the hope they could master the quickest route to the highest score.

You can imagine how dedicated they would have been – and we are talking about tens of thousands of individuals.

That kind of marketing adds huge brand value
All those that interacted with the game will have an everlasting attachment with brand. This is something that a lot brands don’t have. And we particularly love this concept purely because it uses an online game.